Domestic forwarding

Logistics and domestic freight forwarding

We have the possibility of fast road freight forwarding throughout Poland. It is worth noting that this applies to both LTL and FTL logistics. The first of these, i.e. groupage forwarding, is based on the use of partial capabilities of a given vehicle, which is close to the place of loading. Contrary to LTL, FLT freight forwarding means full loading at point A and delivering it directly to point B.

Our offer is not only a good forwarding for rigid (solo) trucks, but also for tractor units. If you are looking for transport of food products, you’ve come to the right place – the refrigeration trucks forwarding offered by Milworld Logistics is a great way to quickly prove fresh food. We transport packages and whole pallets. It should be noted that our specialists ensure that each shipment is timely and safe. Bydgoszcz, where our logistics center is located, is a convenient location for a logistics base. Kujawsko-Pomorskie, located in the center of Poland, turns out to be an excellent communication hub each year. Investments that are just finished, such as the S5 road, mean even easier domestic forwarding, for example to Greater Poland or Pomerania.


One of our proposals is groupage cargo transport (LTL), i.e. efficient combination of logistic flows. Dedicated forwarding across the country is the transport of full truck loads (FTL) from the place of loading straight to the unloading point.

Cold stores

If you need to transport food products, our forwarding company can help. The cold store in each of the semi-trailers or rigid (solo) trucks is a reliable and modern device - it allows you to store the load without temperature changes, regardless of the conditions on the road.

Proper forwarding

Our specialty is proper forwarding - we pick up and send the goods, as well as prepare the load for transport. As part of the services, we also prepare transport documentation and provide any advice related to forwarding issues.


"Milworld Logistics' ideas streamline the entire forwarding process. The company is keeping its finger on the pulse!"

Twarz uśmiechniętego Polaka współpracującego z międzynarodową firmą spedycyjną.
Kajetan Wysocki

"There are no problems with contact, and the transport is timely, I recommend it."

Mężczyzna w okularach ma siwe włosy.
Bronisław Walczak

"I used rigid (solo) trucks forwarding offered by the company from Rynarzewo. They helped my company a lot."

Kobieta z dużym kolczykiem. Proste, czarne włosy.
Urszula Makowska
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