International transport

Foreign transit of goods

Our specialty is international transport. Road transport of goods to European Union countries and bordering countries requires qualified forwarders and drivers.

We have experienced staff, so when we receive an order for the transport of goods, we guarantee the safety of load and timeliness of performed tasks. In addition, we have warehouses and a workshop – rigid (solo) trucks or tractor units going abroad have solid technical support.


We combine logistics streams of groupage transport (partial LTL), thanks to which international transport services achieve the highest efficiency and the lowest costs.


At the same time, we want to offer dedicated international transport (FTL) - we will take full truck loads, without downtime, delivering goods from point A to point B.


When planning to transport goods to the UK, EU countries or other countries, you should take care of the relevant documents - we will prepare them for you.

Refrigerated transport

Many goods, especially food and medicine, need to be kept cold. With the most demanding loads in mind, we offer refrigerated transport - international transport of goods at a certain temperature, also below zero.


"I needed fast transport to the British Isles, so I took advantage of the goods transport offer of Milworld Logistics. Specialists from the logistics center near Bydgoszcz planned the forwarding well. They also explained to me the bothering issues regarding documents after Brexit."

Pociągła twarz mężczyzny pracującego w transporcie.
Ireneusz Sawicki

"Working in the food industry, you cannot afford to have downtime in the transport of goods, especially in changing temperatures. I chose the international refrigerated TIR transport offered by Milworld Logistics - the price per km was the most affordable of all offers, the timeliness and safety of products were also taken care of."

Kobieta w średnim wieku z pofalowanymi włosami.
Oktawia Tomaszewska

"When it comes to road transport east or south, Milworld Logistics is second to none. It was a good choice!"

Prostokątne okulary na twarzy siwego mężczyzny z zarostem.
Henryk Mróz
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